Very informal Day Zero update

I haven’t stopped working toward my Day Zero goals, but I have mostly stopped updating about them. Why? Because I’m lazy. Here are a few I’ve finished in the past few months:

  • add five new pieces to my online portfolio
  • join a professional organization (got a complimentary year-long AWP membership, but it counts)
  • find a job in my desired career field
  • try a new ice cream flavor
  • try five new foods (the final three: blueberries, strawberries, lobster)
  • learn my credit score
  • get rid of 101 items
  • buy a pair of jeans that aren’t Silvers
  • buy 25 books from independent book stores
  • donate to three causes/organizations I care about

I’ve also increased my progress toward the following

  • read 50 new novels
  • reevaluate 10 books from my childhood
  • finish HP2 in French
  • finish book of French verb review
  • publishing a story in a print journal
  • read five books of poetry
  • lose 5 pounds, get down to 115 (which now means lose 10 pounds; two months ago it was lose 13 pounds)

I plan on getting to the spa soon, and on getting through a lot of the holiday-related goals. As of right now, I have 46 done and another 14 started. Still a lot to go.

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