What a week

Well, no one can say it hasn’t been a hectic week. On a personal level, we put down my cat, I had my last day of work, defended my thesis, said goodbye to one of my best friends here, done tons of packing, and tomorrow I’ll graduate. Then, I get on Twitter this morning to find out that college sports decided to explode today. Izzo is considering taking the job in Cleveland, USC is getting reprimanded the way they should have been years ago, and The Big 12 is close to imploding. Of course, the Izzo story is the most near and dear to my heart, and I’ve been following it all day, but everything still seems to be rumor and conjecture at this point. Then, my parents were supposed to get here at 3:30 (you may notice I’m writing this at 5:30), but their flight was delayed, resulting in a missed connection and a seven-hour delay. So now they’re hanging out in Minnesota while I obsessively check the radar because, to top it all off, we’re supposed to have thunderstorms on and off all evening. Yippee!

I hope all of my loyal blog readers (all six or you or so, heh) are having less crazy weeks!

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