Stitch Fix #2

September Stitch Fix

I took a picture of all the things from the box that I was going to put here, but it turned out blurry, and since my dog threw up all over my living room in the last few minutes AND gmail stopped downloading new attachments, I’m just going to use this one instead.

I got my second Stitch Fix box today. Technically I asked for it yesterday (my thirtieth birthday), but it came today, which is fine, since I was pretty busy yesterday. Today is the day FedEx estimated it arriving from the beginning, too, so I was prepared for the slight delay.

I made one special request in this box: I wanted a pair of pants that weren’t dark blue denim, since that’s really all I own. Seriously. I have six pairs of jeans, and two are skinnies, but they are all dark-blue denim. I figured it was time to diversify a little bit. My stylist completely delivered by sending me an amazing pair of grey skinnies. In fact, she nailed my style again with this box, and I loved every single thing in it. There were some small problems, but I’ll talk about those below. So without further ado, here’s what I received for my special birthday Stitch Fix. Continue reading “Stitch Fix #2” »