My final day zero update

My day zero project ends in two weeks, and so I thought I’d do one final post of my progress before I update about what I did and did not accomplish. Specifically, I want to set myself a few goals for the final two weeks; hopefully I can knock out a few more goals before it’s all over.

1. I’m at 13/15 for new recipes. I’d like to try to finish this one, but I don’t have high hopes. I haven’t cooked since August, but maybe I can get something done over Thanksgiving break next weekend.

2. I’ve reread and reevaluated two of three books I hated the first time around, and while I certainly have time to read another one, I’m not sure I want to spend my time these next two weeks reading something I didn’t like. That said, however, the first two books I reevaluated I really ended up loving when I reread them, so this is something I’d like to try to accomplish. I think.

3. I’ve reread 7/10 books from my childhood so far. I should have time to finish this one. The trick will be finding three more books from my childhood that I feel like rereading. I’m thinking Winter of Fire, Little House on the Prairie, and maybe Day After Tomorrow. I also might give Number the Stars another go. Wish I had some shorter ones around, though.

4. I need to have one more book review accepted for publication. This one should be fine. I’ve finished a book, had it conditionally pre-accepted (only if they like it, of course). I’ve been stuck on how to start it, however, but I’m really confident that I can get this one done.

5. I’ve read 4/5 books of poetry so far, and I’m really hoping I finish this goal. My problem with this has been my lack of poetry collections. If anyone has one to lend me I would greatly appreciate it.

There’s a lot of reading on this list, which I’m kind of just now noticing, but I know I’m capable. The question is whether or not I’ll have enough time and, if I do, if that’s how I’ll choose to spend it. Anyway, these are my short-term goals for the next fourteen days.

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