What I like (and don’t like) about the ACA


  • I will no longer pay higher premiums for being a woman.
  • My migraines will no longer exempt me from buying my own coverage because they are pre-existing.
  • I will no longer have to pay premiums on preventative coverage, which means money will not prevent me from working to stay healthy.
  • I will no longer have to pay a copay for birth control, saving me over $25o per year.
  • Our country will no longer be the only “rich” country to not have comprehensive health coverage.
  • I will actually have health care all year—not just from January through May.


  • Yes—I, and others, will probably see increased premiums.
  • But—I believe this is due to the fact that insurance companies are still most concerned with making huge profits rather than with helping people. And so comes my second con—the ACA is not universal health coverage.
  • With the requirement that I buy insurance, and the stupid reality of my semester-by-semester contract, I will have to change insurance twice each year.
  • The Republicans now have another crazy thing encouraging them to get out and vote in November. I can only hope they have memory spans as short as the rest of the country. Although short memory spans are letting Romney get away with so much crap, so much hypocrisy, and so many downright lies. “I heard it on Fox News! It must be true!” (Seriously. It isn’t that hard to fact check.)

That said, I was very pleased with yesterday’s SCOTUS outcome, though I do worry about the proportion of the court that dissented on (what was to me) radical grounds. With such a polarized issue, however, I suppose I couldn’t be surprised that some people voted based on whether or not they agreed with the law rather than on its Constitutional merit, which has 200 years of precedence, and who were ready to strike the entire law based on one provision.

Still, I believe health care should be a right, not a privilege, but some people love Capitalism so much that they honestly believe if you can’t pay for something (like medical care, or education) then you don’t deserve it.



ANOTHER CRAZY REPUBLICAN THING (I only picked one, to spare you—and me)


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