Help me out

I’ve got less than eleven months left on my Day Zero project, and I’m only a bit over halfway done. So now I ask you, dear reader, to help me out. Here are some goals I still see as possible, with some help.

  • go to NYC (who can I visit?)
  • learn a new song on guitar (what’s an easy song?)
  • go ice skating (who wants to go with me?)
  • take a yoga class (who wants to take one with me?)
  • go horseback riding (who has a horse?)
  • play kickball (who wants to help me start a team for this summer’s league?)
  • go sledding (who has a sled?)
  • host a wine and cheese party (who wants to come?)
  • visit three museums (suggestions?)
  • go to a Detroit sporting event (who wants to come? I’m thinking Tigers.)
  • go swimming in a lake (who wants to come?)
  • play poker at a casino (who wants to come with me?)

So. Any takers?

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