Day Zero Update: Europe

I’m only about seven months late, but I figure better late than never. My dad sent me an email last night asking why I hadn’t updated my list. I’ve actually been meaning to update for a while, but I let it grow and grow, and the update got bigger and bigger. I’ve actually been working on my book lately, but it’s seemed easier than doing this. But anyway, here is a list of the goals I accomplished while in Europe.

45.   Have fondue
Technically I did this before going to Europe, at The Melting Pot. We went as a graduation celebration dinner. However, it’s on the list because I did it again in Europe. At Michele’s house we had cheese and chocolate fondue. However, I’m sort of hoping we do this again at my house. I love fondue.

54.   Order a meal completely in French
I can’t remember if I did this at the place where we had pasta or pizza, but I was able to get through a whole meal ordering in French. I might have made one quick slip (I think I did), but I did pretty well, and I won’t get another chance, so for the purposes of this goal, I’m calling it a success.

59.   Explore Paris
Except for the part where I almost got beat up by a Parisian because we bumped into each other, the Parisians were nice (overly nice, some of the men…I have beautiful eyes, apparently). Paris was beautiful, and it was fun to explore the streets, the Metro. I wish I’d had more time.

60.   Ride a train
My sister and I took the TGV from Switzerland to Paris. It did not go as fast as all my French books told me it would. This made me sad. Also, the Paris train station was a very stressful place.

63.   Buy and wear a cute summer sun dress
I bought a new dress to wear for graduation, and while I wore it in Washington, it’s more fun to call this goal met when I wore it in Paris.

And that’s that. I might have missed one or two, but I’ll get to them later. I’m writing this post as I watch the last few episodes of Dollhouse, so I’m a bit distracted right now.

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