A few completed goals

I’ve been back from Europe for almost three weeks now and I’ve finally decided to break my blogging hiatus. Mostly I’ve just been taking it easy here—and looking for jobs of course. My mom had knee surgery a few days before I got home, so I’ve been taking care of her as well.

In the meantime, I’ve completed quite a few of my Day Zero goals in the last month and I thought it was time for an update. Here are a few of the random ones I’ve gone through; I’ll do a post later on the Europe-related ones. Those will have more pictures.

Me and the other MFAers before graduation

Me and the other MFAers before graduation

1. Get my MFA!

I successfully defended my thesis and got my diploma. I am now a master. I can’t believe it’s over, and I already miss it. I am, however, taking a lengthy break from my writing, although I’m starting to get that itch back. I want to return to it with fervor, not exhaustion. I’ve got work to do on my novel, of course, but I also want to get back to some short story writing. And editing. In some ways, I miss my work with Willow Springs more than anything else.

37. Get ten massages

I started getting massages in October, and they’ve done so much to help with my headaches—more than any medicine I’ve ever taken. I got my tenth one not too long before graduation, but, unfortunately, I can’t afford any more since I don’t have a job. Consequently, the headaches are back as bad as ever. Can’t wait until I’m gainfully employed again.

73. Learn my blood type

My mom came to the rescue on this one. I am B+, as is my sister. My parents are AB+ and O+. I feel like I should have known this a long time ago.

84. Shoot under par at a putt putt course

I did this only a few days ago at the Funtyme in Okemos (it’s practically walking distance from my house). After a rocky start I managed to finish one under par. I’ve never done this before in my life. It was very exciting, made more so by the fact that I beat my putt putt partner by nine strokes (he’ll rename nameless for his pride). Of course, he and his partner did later that evening destroy me and my partner 30-8 in three games of Euchre.

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