Lost: The end

Lost, Seaon 6

Best show ever! Except where's Juliet?!

In honor of the looming end of the best television show of all time, I’m going to dedicate some of my blog space to LOST this week and next. And first, for my own personal reminiscence, I want to talk about how I came to this show and why I love it so much.

The previews for the first season didn’t do all that much for me. I only caught a few minutes of the show once, during a boar hunt (maybe the one where Locke, Michael, and Kate go after the boar), and I was bored. Then, the week before the season one finale, a friend of mine had me watch the penultimate episode with him and became hooked. I watched the season finale totally confused and then borrowed all of season one from him. I remember I watched the final twelve episodes in one day because I couldn’t stop.

Since then, I’ve been addicted. I’ve planned my evenings around the show, going so far as to not sign up for classes that met during it (though then ABC changed the day on me and I was screwed anyway). I buy every season the day it comes out and frequently rewatch episodes. About once a year I go through the entire season, starting with episode one. I’ve introduced the show to a handful of friends and also gotten them hooked. Once a year I print up an NCAA March Madness style bracket and then pass it out to people so that we can pick our favorite characters. This year I’m thinking of doing a second one that asks the question, “Who would win in a fight between…?” which is going to take an entire new seed-selection process. I’ve been mourning the end of the show since it was announced a few years back.

And here we are, two episodes and 3.5 hours away from the end. I’m excited and I’m sad, and I love every minute of it.

Spoilers below.

So, for fun, here are a few of my favorites when it comes to this, my favorite show of all time.

Favorite: Juliet Burke
Honorable mentions: Alex Rousseau, Ben Linus, Shannon Rutherford, Hugo Reyes, Penelope Widmore, James (Sawyer) Ford

Favorite: The Constant (though picking a favorite episode is HARD)
Honorable mentions: LaFleur, The Pilot (parts one and two), One of Us, Ab Aeterno (though picking a few favorite episodes is like picking your favorite of all the red Skittles—it’s mostly what you grab first)

Worst Death
Death that made me cry the most: Juliet in the season 5 finale (then again in the season 6 premiere)
Others: Shannon in season 2, Sun and Jin in season 6, Alex in season 4

Best Death
Death that made me throw my hand up and say, “YES!”: Keamy in season 6
Others: When Sayid broke that guy’s neck with his feet in season 3, when Ben shot the guy with the flare gun in season 5

Grossest Moments
Moment that makes me sick just to think about: Locke’s broken leg in season 5
Other moments that I still close my eyes for: All the times Claire gets stuck with a needle in season 1, Libby setting that guy’s leg in season 2

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