11. Read at Voiceover

Another Day Zero goal complete! Friday night I read at EWU’s monthly Voiceover. I read a three-page piece and it marked the first time I’ve ever shared my work in public (it counts as public even if the only non-program-affiliated person there was tending bar…). We had a relatively low turnout (probably due to end-of-year stress), but I think that, on the whole, my piece was well received. And someone even told me afterward that I had a good reading voice. So yay! I should have thought to have someone take a picture or something, but apparently I’m not that thoughtful, so you’ll all just have to take my word. If you’re in Spokane, I’ll be reading again at our graduate reading on June 11. Still no idea what I’ll read then—NOT my thesis.

p.s. I have some thoughts on LOST, but I still think I’m not quite ready to share them; I found the finale to be deeply moving and I want a bit more time to let my thoughts percolate; maybe I’ll even rewatch it before blogging about it.

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