Two weeks plus some

It’s 5:00 and I’m finally feeling well enough to start my day. I went to bed last night feeling fine but woke up three hours before my alarm was supposed to go off with a massive headache, my second in two days. I’ve been feeling lazy these past two days, having spent over half of it in bed, and sometimes I think the worst part about my headaches is how useless they can make me feel: I can’t drive and I frequently have trouble even standing. And for some reason, when I get one, I’m more likely to get another (hence the two in two days).

But the good news is that these two headaches were my first in over sixteen days (I think it was eighteen days but I’m only sure of those sixteen days). It might not sound like much, but I’m used to getting about three of these headaches each week. Getting down to one in over two weeks is a huge improvement.

Anyway, I know health entries are boring, but this is another Day Zero goal, so I wanted to write something. If I’m feeling up to it I’ll try adding something more interesting later.

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