7 reasons why I’m a feminist

Today was the first night of my feminist theory course and so I decided to do a feminist blog post tonight.

1. I do not believe women are inherently inferior or should only strive to support and complement men. I do not believe the story of Adam and Eve.

2. I do not believe we live in an equal or post-feminist society; I see injustices in our world; I see sexism and misogyny everywhere.

3. While feminism is not perfect, I see in it the possibility for both the change and inclusiveness I seek.

4. It has given me a purpose and freed me from pressure to get married and have children on society’s schedule instead of mine, and allowed me to consider never following that path.

5. I once stood in a crowd of people and listened to a man tell the story of how he sexually assaulted me, and everyone laughed.

6. It has made me more knowledgeable of the world around me and, at the same time, made me more interested in learning and understanding more.

7. While I do not think I can change the world single-handedly, it only takes one person to make a change, and the more people involved, the greater the chance of success.

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