Submission time

I finally decided to stop being a chicken and sent off a story for publication. I sent it off to Ploughshares and Tin House through their respective submission managers. I figure I should start more toward the top of the list of journals and gradually work my way down until I find a place for this story (assuming, of course, I am able to find a place for it).

I started this piece in December of 2006. It was the night before my family flew to Hawaii, and I wrote it on the floor of our hotel room at about 3 in the morning. It was only two or so pages then. I revised it for my workshop in the fall–added about eight pages to it–then did a few more revisions in the following months. We’ll see if it was all enough.

Anyway, it could be a few months before I hear anything back, so I’m going to put the piece away and spend time on some new pieces. I’ve got a few other pieces well into the revision stage, so maybe I’ll clean some of those up as well.

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